Natural News on Angelina Jolie

A link to Natural News about Angelina Jolie’s surgery is making the rounds. The claim is that Ms. Jolie is the victim of a cancer industry that promotes mutilation. This is utter garbage.

Natural News is a conspiracy theory venue. Even a brief look at their website shows what it’s really about. It features articles explaining the evils of vaccination and how it kills your children
It features videos about Bill Gates and his plan to exterminate humanity
It promotes 9/11 conspiracy theory
and conspiracy theories about chemtrails

Natural News is one of the Bibles for hard-core conspiracy theorist.

The writer of this article is Mike Adams. Mr. Adams goes by the industry name of the Health Ranger. He is a hard-core conspiracy theorist. Take a look at his website for some of the facts on what Mike believes. The Natural News features many of his articles; you can start there. But let me list just a few of his ideas about how the world really works.

Vaccines cause autism
America has devolved into a nation of welfare zombies
The Boston Marathon Bombers were working for the FBI
More guns are good

I think you get the message by now. Don’t read anything that appears in Natural News. If you somehow get exposed to this nonsense, wash your hands as quickly as possible. Maybe take a shower. It’s like immersing yourself in a pile of garbage. Get out of there as quickly as you can or the stench will overpower you.