Daring to Do the Unthinkable

I really dislike Steve Bannon. I don’t think he’s a really smart guy. The media has crafted this image of him. It is wrong. Or at least the media’s description is dumb. Because he has excelled at all those things your teachers told you you could do if you worked hard in school, he is labelled as “smart”. He’s as ‘smart’ as the the architects of the Third Reich were. He’s daring, as were the architects of the Third Reich. And that’s what he and Conway have in common. They are simply willing to do what no one else would dare.

A long time ago a good friend of mine talked about why no one in the USA has blown up Congress or the Senate. He stated that it wasn’t because they couldn’t do it, but because no one would think of doing it. That’s the difference between people like Bannon and Conway. They would think of destroying the government and the nation – and they are. They are simply willing to do that thing what no one would have dared doing, no matter how crazy and stupid it may seem.