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Centralized Deregulation–University Evaluations in Taiwan

Posted in Uncategorized by Scott Sommers on April 5, 2009

I’m reposting this description of Taiwan university reforms. Knowledge of these reforms is central to any understanding of the current education system here.

I’d like to thank Clyde Warden and Q Book for making available this webcast of an interview with Dr. Robert Reynolds.

Robert is the chair of National Chi Nan University Department of Foreign Languages. The webcast addresses his experience with the recent ROC Ministry of Education (MOE) evaluation of his department.

For those outside of Taiwan’s university system, this offers an excellent introduction to recent changes effecting Taiwan post-secondary education. Readers of blogs written by Taiwan university faculty, such as Michael Turton and Talking Taiwanese, will have seen many discussions referring to these MOE evaluations. To-date, none of us gave taken the time to provide a full description of what this means for teachers and their students. At one hour plus, the broadcast is quite long and very detailed, but it offers all the information you’ll need to understand the problems and issues of what’s going on.


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